Finding Good Vector Graphics for Churches

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Are you the “graphics person” for your church? Me too! And for other churches too! Churches needs graphic design too-but thats a whole other post. . . Good church graphics can be so hard to find! I’m a big believer in having your look match your content. So I think really hard about what I’m putting out there when I do church graphics.

My first go to for stock vectors for a long time has been . The selection is crazy and most of the vectors are neat and tidy. I find when I need a vector to use at church, I’m sorting through a lot of cliches though.

For church vectors I go to They pride themselves on non cheesy graphics for the church world. I will say, most of the graphics fit the bill of not cheesy and the selection is really wide. The contributors come from all sorts of backgrounds, so you find graphics tailored towards different denominations and non-denominational churches.

I’ve compiled some of my favorite vectors to use for sermons and other places around the church. These are all from, check them out below.

Some of these vectors are by me, and some by other artists. Full disclosure, some of these are affiliate links. Every little bit helps! That being said, I only post products and graphics that I would recommend to anyone. I contribute vectors to this site here!

You’ll need a working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator to open and work with the EPS files. I hope to offer a lot more tutorials here, so you can learn how to make quality graphics too.












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