3 Project Management Tools for Your Freelance Business

I’m a full time freelance Graphic designer and the hardest thing about freelancing isn’t the design, it’s client and project management. Client communication is so important for making your business work. It’s equally important to keep your projects neat and on track. Keeping track of your projects alleviates so much stress and confusion. I used to write everything out in a steno book for the day, project on one side, status on the other. I still LOVE my steno notebook and pen-maybe too much- but, when my business started growing, it just wasn’t enough.

I use several programs to help me communicate with clients and keep my own work in line.


If your mom is anything like mine, she’s forever sending you useful things she finds-well some are useful, (love you mom!). My mom sells on Ebay, and she’s amazing at it. She’s also incredibly organized. So when I needed a new organizational system, I asked my mom-and she came through, of course. AirTable is by far my favorite Project Management Tool.

I have tables for several things: Goals, Potential client tracking, keeping my open jobs organized and so much more. I even Keep track of my Instagram followers. Here is a screen shot of the table I use everyday, all day (I hid some jobs and blurred others for the sake of privacy but you get the idea):


Here’s what Trello says about itself “Infinitely flexible. Incredibly easy to use. Great mobile apps. It’s free. Trello keeps track of everything, from the big picture to the minute details.” I would totally agree. I use Trello specifically with one organization-they have other designers on staff who already used Trello. Go Check them out! I love the look, interface and ease.


Slack is a communication tool. It’s quicker than email, keeps everything in one place and eliminates a lot of go between. I made the switch to Slack after a client texted me on a Saturday night with a “business card emergency.” Although, there is a whole other discussion to be had about client communication-the first way to get this under control, is Slack. My smaller clients don’t use Slack with me, but my retainer clients do. This way, when your client is working at 2am, they can send you a Slack, that you can answer the next day.

Full disclosure, Trello and Airtable links do give me referral credit. Slack link is not affiliate nor am I a Slack partner. I just genuinely like each of these Apps!




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